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Admission Section

School Rules and Regulations:

  • 1

    Discipline must be maintained in the school premises and inside the school bus.

  • 2

    School identity card must be worn daily.

  • 3

    Children are expected to take care of their books/other belongings and school property.

  • 4

    Scribbling on the walls, desks and books is not allowed. In case of damage to school property, fine will be charged.

  • 5

    Speaking in English is compulsory in school premises and inside the school bus.

  • 6

    Parents should not argue with school staff.

Account Section

School has Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary & Sr Secondary Section.
Each Section has separate accounts system.
They handle school fees and transport fee collection independently.

Student's Section

Student Council:

Student council is elected every year through selection procedure. Students first file nomination. They have to pass an interview.
Selected student address in morning assembly. In final round voting takes place.

Student Grievance Committee:

Student Grievance Committee consists of student’s representative and two teachers. It raises the issue faced by students and finds solution for it.

Women Harassment Committee:

Teachers are the members of this committee. It caters specially to female student’s problem. From counseling to creating awareness.

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