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A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments and observations may be performed .The school has different labs – Maths Lab, Language Lab, Social Science labs ,Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Computer Labs. Each Laboratory is facilitated with requisite number of instruments enabling students to get practical understanding of theoretical concepts.

Computer Laboratory

The IT infrastructure include 6 computer labs catering from std 1st to 12th fitted with 160 latest computers and interne

Biology Laboratory

Bio lab is designed to enclose a variety of biological sample and provide an interface with other Biological concepts.

Physics Laboratory

It is well equipped with modern apparatus for the students to perform the experiments and acquire hands on experience. T

Chemistry Laboratory

The school has an updated chemistry lab with latest equipment and adequate stock of chemicals. Every individual students

Maths Laboratory

To make the study of mathematics easy and interesting we have a colourful maths lab set up by NIIT. This approach toward

Language Laboratory

The school has an advanced and futuristic designed – digital language lab system that intelligently harness the power

Home Science Laboratory

The Home Science lab trains the students with life skill activities like cooking, first aid & work experience activities

SST Laboratory

This lab is equipped with various 3D Models , survey instruments, maps , charts and other audio-visual aids help student

Science Laboratory

Science Labs are the key to science and its mysteries to impart practical knowledge about the theoretical concepts. Scho

Music Room

The Music room is equipped with quality string, percussion and key-based instruments, allowing children to tap into their musical talent. Well qualified music teachers guide students in their musical pursuits. Music creates an imaginary world that stimulates a child's creativity. A box can become a drum, a stick can be transformed into a horn, or a broom can become a dance partner. Children make up songs or give new words to old songs for pure enjoyment.

Arts and Craft

Art education is one of the important co-scholastic subject recommended by CBSE. School provides ample opportunities to children to flourish their artistic qualities. There is a well designed and maintained Art room. Student's work is displayed in art room . It improves creativity & thinking skill of student.
Different type of eco friendly craft items are prepared by students withl the help of Art Teachers .

Indoor Games


During rainy season students are not deprived of games and are benefited by these indoor games. .Physical exercise is important for proper growth of a child along with mental development. School provides room facilities for different indoor games.


During rainy season students are not deprived of games and are benefited by these indoor games.Games that are mentally stimulating are introduced so that students develop skills like strategic planning,critical thinking,improvement in memory and mathematical ability.

Outdoor Games


School also boasts of a well-equipped Sports room, a big playground and well qualified PE Teachers. Children who do not consider themselves to be athletic are also encouraged to participate in order to stay active.


School provides coaching for games.Students are encouraged to take part in both activities. School participates in many sports events like CBSE zonal game,Z.P competition,inter school competition etc.


School provides well organized and comprehensive bus facilities to the students. Almost 80 buses ply daily on different routes. A separate transport department has been appointed for the smooth functioning of the buses and attend to the queries of parents. Lady conductors are appointed for school buses for safety of girls students.

Medical Room

There are two sick bays separately for girls and boys in every section(Pre-Primary to Sr. Secondary Section). All the sick bays are equipped with required materials and female attendant is appointed in every sick bay. First- aid- Box are duly kept in sick bay in order to provide immediate protection/Treatment.
The school has a tie-up with Aditya Birla Hospital for emergency.



We have separate Computer Labs in each section which cater computer education of the students from Std - I to XII. Every Lab has adequate number of computers with overhead Projectors.

Smart Board

We have separate Computer Labs in each section which cater computer education of the students from- Std- I to XII . Every Lab has adequate number of computers with overhead Projectors.


Every Lab has adequate number of computers with overhead Projectors.

Digital Learning Material

Digital Learning Material description


Students get ample opportunities to enhance their ICT skill through practicals. In Sr. Secondary students get the opportunity to work & experiment with individual sets.

Library Facility

Separate library is maintained for each section (from Primary to Sr. Secondary Section).All the libraries are equipped with ample no. of books, periodicals, magazines, Newspapers etc. Every week the students get the access to the library. Students are given the opportunity to issue the library books to read at home on weekly basis. If the book is not returned after a week per day Rs 2/- will be charged and if the book is lost, the cost of the book is to be deposited by student.

Library Rules & Regulations

  • 1. Identity card is compulsory for getting access of the library.
    2. Silence to be maintained.
    3. Library books will be issued to the students for seven days.
    4. If the book is not returned by the student within seven days, a fine of Rs.2/- per day will be charged.
    5. If the library book is damaged or lost by the student, he/she has to bear the cost of the book or replace the book

Library Timings

Monday to Saturday within School hours in library Period 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Library Committee

Library Committee is constituted for the purpose of smooth functioning of the library .
Major functions – To formulate various policies and rules , proposed library budget , selection of books, periodicals and purchase of books etc..

Library committee Members :
Principal - Chairman
PGT (Eng) Member - Mrs. Rani Chakravarti
PGT (Eng) Member - Mrs. Sudha Samant
PGT (Hindi) Member - Mr. Sanjay Tak.
TGT (Maths) Member - Mrs. Swarna P. Iyer
TGT(Science) Member - Mrs. Megha
TGT(SST) Member - Ms. Dolly Thakur

Name of library Bearer and Designation
1. Mrs. Vidya Hambar (Sr. Secondary Section)
2. Mrs. Sheetal Gholak (Secondary Section)
3. Mrs. Varsha Rani Nikam (Primary Section)
4. Mrs. ManishaShinde (Primary Section)

Student Representative - Pragati Chandra
Student Representative - Ayod Mishra
Committee meet regularly to discuss and decide the matters pertaining to provide better and effective library services to the staff and students

Counselling and Guidance

School counselor is an important part of the educational leadership team and provides valuable assistance to Students and Parents. The counseling program in the school promotes healthy child development and enhances student’s growth.  The school counselor helps all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development, ensuring that today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.
Early identification and intervention of children’s needs are essential in removing barriers to learning and in promoting academic achievement.

School Counselor work in the following ways:

  • CLASSROOM GUIDANCE: Counselor goes into classroom and talks with students about a variety of topics. Topics are decided as per the needs of the students like self-esteem, organization, time management, anger management, study skills, social skills, friendship building and leadership quality etc.

  • INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING: Student and counselor meet independently to discuss any concerns or work on behavior.

  • GROUP COUNSELING: Peer groups of 4-5 students meet to work on character development or group issues.

  • PARENTS COUNSELING: If require ,Parents are called & discussed.

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