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About Blossom Public School

Education is the Manifestation of Perfection, already existing in child.

Under the flagship of JSPM, BLOSSOM PUBLIC SCHOOL has embarked its name with great achievements and glories towards maintaining new dimension of education in Pune City ,under the mentorship of Dr. T. J. Sawant and guidance of , Principal Mrs. Jyotsna Mishra as premier CBSE School of PCMC.

Blossom Public School belongs to the prestigious JSPM’s group which started in the year 1998 under the dynamic leadership of visionary Dr.. T. J . Sawant with the aim of creating centre of excellence for education in the field of Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Business Management and Schools.
Blossom Public School was established on 6th June 2006 with the aim to prepare students for meeting their academic needs under CBSE curriculum. Blossom Public School is situated on Pune-Mumbai bypass in the campus of Rajshree Shahu Collage of Engineering, Tathwade Pune.

The School has its own mission and Philosophy:

  • Emphasizes on All-round development of the child.

  • Develop the students’ values viz integrity, honesty, trust , tolerance & compassion.

  • Prepares the child to face challenges and undertake leadership.

Provides the conducive atmosphere and ambience to ensure:

  • The child learns without fear and stress.

  • The child is groomed into a good citizen.

  • The child is taught to be sincere and finally shaped into a successful good Human Being.

School Rules and regulation:

  • School identity card must be worn daily.

  • Discipline & Silence must be maintained in the school premises and inside the school bus.

  • Children are expected to take care of their books/other belongings and school property.

  • Scribbling on the walls, desks and books is not allowed. In case of damage to school property, fine will be charged.

  • Speaking in English is compulsory in school premises and inside the school bus.



“The Vision of the School is to motivate and inspire the students who can navigate their journey as confident and competent individuals. To inculcate a sense of responsibility in all the students to contribute towards the welfare of society. To strive to create an educational Institution where a mind of an individual can be shaped and the skills can be honed for lifetime. The school rises above the confines of conventional teaching to engage the students with an activity based curriculum. To promote development of the socially appreciable character and academic excellence with the help of highly qualified faculty”


To provide inclusive education that awakens creative and leadership skills in each individual student.

  • To create a school that blends joy with learning.

  • To foster global outlook and instill values of respecting diversity, empathy , tolerance, personal integrity, open-mindedness and co-operation.

  • That impart knowledge that prepares the students to adopt the emerging changes in the intellectual landscape of the world.

And, most importantly, to give all glory and respect for every breathing moment, to Almighty.

Principal's Message

Education is a “Splendid Torch” a wholesome light , and we teachers want to make it burn as brightly as possible , before passing it over to future generation.

Dear Parents,

               It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that , at Blossom Public School, It is such a joy to see each child bloom , each one with a different hue , a different fragrance , a different personality and a navigational tool for a successful and satisfying life. I believe Education is a progressive discovery of our own Ignorance. The importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes individuals in their formative years and imbibes them with values that would govern their lives.

               It is said “If you are planning for a year, sow rice: If you are planning for a decade , plant trees; If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people: Indeed , it is beyond any dispute to say that the quality of education will determine the destiny of the nation.The School has strengthened it’s skill base, has built upon its infrastructure and opened up new vistas of growth where children can show their creativity and exercise their imagination in myriad ways. It is reckoned as a vibrant institution endowed with a sprawling green campus rich culture, values ,right and adequate educational opportunities honing life skills amongst children.

               I believe that, grooming every child with our care, chiseling their talents and empowering them academically will be helpful to prepare them for the Global World. With the collective efforts of the Parent, teacher and management, we are certain that we will steadily achieve our cherished goals. We ardently feel that the children under our care must get all the opportunities to realize their potential in a secure and stimulating environment. I value and appreciate the unstinted support and cooperation extended by the parents & management in all our endeavor paving way for accomplishment, appreciation and accolades, thus making it a more colorful canvass of Blossom Public School.

               Our Vision is, "To Provide Stress free Child Centric & holistic education to each child without compromising on quality."

Thank You and God bless.

Mrs. Joytsna Mishra

Educational Qualification:

M.A History & M.A. Philosophy ,M. Phil, MBA, B.Ed.


  • 33 years in field of education

  • 7 years worked as a lecturer in Philosophy.

  • 26 years as a Principal of CBSE School both Secondary and Sr. Secondary across the country.


  • HRD Minister Smriti Irani appreciation letter- for the year 2014 & 2015 for the best performance in the field of Education.

  • Avantika awards for Principals, Awarded in the years 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017

  • Lion Club Award as an educationist-2012

  • Rajiv Gandhi Award for the Best School & Best Principal- 2003


  • N.C.C “C” certificate holder.

  • As a District Commissioner – Guide for 5 years.

  • Worked as N.S.S officer .

  • Worked as a Asst. Secretary National Literary Commission for women & children.


  • Gender Sensitivity

  • Life Skill

  • Remodeled Structure of CBSE Evaluation System

  • Classroom Management


Sr.No. Title Purpose
1 Educomp Educomp for Digital Learning
2 NIIT- Math's N-Guru NIIT- Math's N-Guru for Maths Lab


Designation: Principal
Qualification: M.A (History& Phscology), M.Phil, MBA, B.Ed
Mail: jyotsna_mishra@hotmail.com

Mrs. Neelanjana Roy

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.Sc (Physics), B.Ed
Mail : mailnroy@rediffmail.com

Mr. Dinesh Biladi

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.A.(English) B.Ed, CTET
Mail : dineshbiladi@gmail.com

Mrs. Sudha Samant

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.A. (Eng), B.Ed
Mail : sudha.samant11@gmail.com

Mrs. Rani Chakravorty

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.A. (Eng Literature) B.Ed , IELT
Mail : rani@gmail.com

Mrs. Aparna More

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.Sc (Zoology), B.Ed
Mail : aparnavmore22@gmail.com

Mrs. Dipali Maitre

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed
Mail : maitre.dipali@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Neelam Narbariya

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.Sc., (Maths) B.Ed
Mail : neelamnar2911@gmail.com

Mrs Mona Nigam

Designation : PGT
Qualification : MCA
Mail : mona.nigam@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Shubhangi Tupsoundre

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.Sc. (Home Sci), B.Ed, MBA (HR), NET
Mail : shubhangik3@gmail.com

Mr. Sandeep Kamble

Designation : PGT
Qualification : H.Sc, A.T.D , C.T.C , A.M G.D Art
Mail : leaddesign87@gmail.com

Mr. Sanjay Bhagwan Tak

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M.A (Hindi), B.Ed
Mail : sanjaytak466@gmail.com

Mr. Nikhil Pawar

Designation : PGT
Qualification : M. P.Ed (NIS. CERT)
Mail : pawarnikhil1553@gmail.com

Mr. Manish Kumar Singh

Designation : PGT
Qualification : B.Tech, B.Ed (Pursuing)
Mail : 318manishsingh@gmail.com

Mr. Shanti Bhushan

Designation : PGT
Qualification : B. Tech., B.Ed (pursuing)
Mail : shanti.scoe@gmail.com


Mrs. Babita Bhange
Designation: Co-ordinator
Qualification: B.Sc (Chemistry).B.Ed
Mail: bbabita.bhange28@gmail.com

Mrs. Indulekha Shrivastava

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A ,(Sanskrit) B.Ed , P.hd., CTET, TET, CSB (AWES)
Mail : indu294@gmail.com

Mrs. Kavita Deshmukh

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc.(Electronics), B.Ed, M.B.A.(HR)
Mail : kavitadeshmukh26@gmail.com

Ms. Pankhuri Kumari

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.A.( English)B.Ed.
Mail : pankhuri3107@gmail.com

Mrs. Yemuna Nair

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A. (History), B.Ed
Mail : yemunarn@gmail.com

Mrs. Kiran Tiwari

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.
Mail : v_r_tiwari2004@yahoo.com

Mrs. Rupali Thore

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc(Botany), B.Ed
Mail : rupali.thore2@gmail.com

Mrs. Priyanka Dhakar

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc (Biotech), B.Ed. (Pursuing) Phd,
Mail : p.dhakar@gmail.com

Mrs. Swati Swamy

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.Sc.(Chemistry),B.Ed., DIRPM
Mail : swatishreyasi@gmail.com

Mrs. Subasini Das

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A.,(History & Economics) B.Ed.
Mail : subasini28jan@rediffmail.com

Mr. Irshad Mugut

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A.(Geo) ,M.Ed.
Mail : irshad.mugut@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Prajakta Sathe

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc (Maths) , B.Ed.
Mail : b.prajkta@gmail.com

Mrs. Sunyna Koul

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc (Maths) , B.Ed.
Mail : sunynakoul@gmail.com

Ms. Dolly Thakur

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.A(His), MCA, MBA, B.Ed
Mail : dolly13aug@gmail.com

Mrs. Sushma Bhure

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A. (Marathi), B.Ed (CTET)
Mail : sushmabhure@gmail.com

Mrs. Rani Kamble

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.A. (Marathi), B. P.Ed, M.P.Ed
Mail : ranikamble96@gmail.com

Mrs. Dhaneshwari Thakur

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.E (Electr), B.Ed.,(Maths) M.Ed (Pursuing)
Mail : dhaneshwari.thakur@hotmail.com

Mrs. Shilpa Soni

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc.(Comp.Sci) B.Ed. M. Phil
Mail : saraf.shilpa1@gmail.com

Mrs. Savita Wackhoure

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc.(Phy), B.Ed
Mail :

Mr. Dipak Mhetre

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.A., B. P. Ed
Mail : deepmhetre.mhetre735@gmail.com

Mrs. Surekha Patil

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc (Maths), M.Ed (General)
Mail : sapatil2007@gmail.com


Mrs Sreeja Vinod

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Com, B.Ed (SET)(Eng)
Mail : sreejavinod309@gmail.com

Mrs. Manisha Badgujar

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.Sc(Maths) B.Ed
Mail : manishabadgujar94@gmail.com

Mrs. Mayura Dabhade

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A,(History), B.Ed
Mail : mayura12384@gmail.com

Mrs Samruddhi Surve

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A.(Hindi),M.Ed, CTET
Mail : samruddhi81@gmail.com

Mrs Sushma Deshmane

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A (Sanskirt),B.Ed
Mail : sushma.deshmane0408@gmail.com

Mrs Arti Tekchandani

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Com,M.A (Eco).,B.Ed
Mail : Tekchandani.aarti@gmail.com

Mrs. Sanika Sunil Jogalekar

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed
Mail : rsrupali1990@gmail.com

MRS. Sunita Ram Pandit

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed
Mail : sunitapandit13@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Megha Shukla

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.C.A,B.Ed
Mail : meghashukla7@gmail.com

Mrs. Sasmita Bhanja

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A.(History), B.Ed
Mail : sasmitabhanja7@gmail.com

Mrs. Rashmi Pandey

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A (Hindi), B.Ed
Mail : rashmitmeet82@gmail.com

Mrs. Punam Sitafale

Designation : TGT
Qualification : BE(Comp)
Mail : pnmgadakh107@gmail.com

Mrs Swarnapushkala Srinivasan Iyer

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.Sc (Maths), B.Ed
Mail : iyerkala70@gmail.com

MRS. Farah A Khan

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc.(Maths), B.ED
Mail : farhakhan1887@gmail.com

MRS. Anjali Tupkari

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.SC. (Maths) B.ED
Mail : atupkari@gmail.com

Mrs. Nidhi Singh

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Sc,(Botany)B.Ed
Mail : nidhis.pushkar@gmail.com

Mrs. Bhavana Rathore

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.Com, B.ED,
Mail : me.bhavanarathore@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Pallavi Jadhav

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.Sc.( Physics) B.Ed.
Mail : santosh_10680@rediffmail.com

Miss Tabbussum Nayaz Siddiqui

Designation : TGT
Qualification : MSc (Petro Tech),B.Ed (Persuing)
Mail : tabbysiddiqui1487@gmail.com

Mr Sunil Shivaji Bhange

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A (Marathi)B.ED, M.Phil
Mail : sunilbhange280@gmail.com

Mr Abhay Madne

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A,(Marathi) M.P.Ed
Mail : madneabhay@gmail.com

Mrs. Kumkum Shrivastav

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A(Sanskrit), B.Ed
Mail : kkspune@rediffmail.com

Mr. Prashant Gaikwad

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A(Eng), M.Ed
Mail : prashantgaikawad0606@gmail.com

Mrs Pallavi M Dive

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.Com, B.Ed(Eng)
Mail : palzdive@gmail.com

Mrs Punam Pathak

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.A(English), B.Ed
Mail : poonampathakji14@gmail.com

Mrs. Snehal Chopade

Designation : TGT
Qualification : MCA, B.ED(Pursuing)
Mail : snehalchopade13@gmail.com

Mrs. Arti Singh

Designation : TGT
Qualification : MSc(Biotec.), B.Ed
Mail : arteepatel78@gmail.com

Mrs. Rajashree Dhas

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A.(Mar.& Geo.) , B.Ed
Mail : rajashrirdhas@gmail.com

Mrs Shamal Shinde

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A(Hindi), B.P.Ed
Mail : shamalshinde009@gmail.com

Mr. Rahul Narale

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.A, M.P.Ed
Mail : rahulnarale53@gmail.com

Mrs. Sanyogita

Designation : TGT
Qualification : Diploma in light Music
Mail : sanyigitamkgude@gmail.com

Mrs Rupali Narkhede

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.C.A, B.Ed,
Mail : narkhede.p.rupali@gmali.com

Mrs. Radha Saxena

Designation : TGT
Qualification : M.A fine arts
Mail : radhasaxena7862@gmail.com

Mr. Vicky Solanki

Designation : TGT
Qualification : B.Com, Black Bellt (3rd Degree)
Mail : solankivicky0014@gmail.com


Mrs. Sirisha Movva
Designation: Head Mistress
Qualification: B.Com, B. Ed, E.C.C.Ed
Mail: mgk.gopalakrishna@gmail.com

Mr Ghanshyam Dolas

Designation : Co-ordinator
Qualification : M.A.,(Hindi) D.Ed.,B.Ed
Mail : ghanshyamdolas83@gmail.com

Mrs. Anieeta A Sonawane

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A.(Eng), B.Ed.
Mail : N.A

Mrs. Vaishali Das

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com., B.Ed
Mail : d.vaishali1982@gmail.com

Mrs. Jyoti V Dhumal

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc.(Computer Sci),B.Ed
Mail : jyotidhumal@gmail.com

Miss Natasha M Karnik

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A. B.Ed
Mail : natashakarnik1@gmail.com

Mrs. Leena A Patil

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc.( Chemistry ), B.Ed.
Mail : leenapatil223@gmail.com

Mrs. Sharda V Mengale

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A., MPM, B.Ed
Mail : vinodmengale@yahoo.co.in

Mrs. Arati R Kharabe

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com. B.Ed
Mail : artikharabe2575@gmail.com

Mrs. Bhavana S Patil

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A (English), B.Ed.
Mail : bhavnapatil5@gmail.com

Mrs. Archana Salunke

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc./ECCE,B.Ed
Mail : karchanasalunkhe@gmail.com

Miss Payal Bhattacharjee

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc(Bio.Tec.), B.Ed,MBA(H.R)
Mail : payalb56@gmail.com

Mrs. Sarita Shitole

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A., CPd., TTC (Scout Guide)
Mail : N.A

Mrs. Kalyani A Kaulgekar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc (Chem),B.Ed., TTC,DCM
Mail : kalyanikau@gmail.com

Mrs. Bharati V Madhekar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A (Hindi), B.Ed
Mail : bharati.madhekar@gmail.com

Mrs. Rekha S Kale

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A.(Eco.),B.Ed
Mail : rekhaskale@gmail.com

Mrs. Preeti Kushwah

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Com., B.Ed
Mail : N.A

Mrs. Archana Sunil Sank

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Com. M.Ed
Mail : archana.sank20@gmail.com

Mrs. Ashvini Ramdas Khetmalas

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc.(Botany), B.Ed
Mail : ashvinikht@gmail.com

Mrs. Pushpa Niwas Patil

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc.(Botany), B.Ed
Mail : pushpa3185@gmail.com

Mrs. Rupali R Jagtap

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Sc.(Physics), B.Ed
Mail : roopali.nanaware@gmail.com

Mrs. Swati P Walse

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc(Physics), B.Ed
Mail : swati_walse@rediffmail.com

Mrs. B. Nageshwari

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc.(Chemistry), B.Ed
Mail : bgeethaiyer@gmail.com

Mrs. Vijaya Naresh Badgujar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A.,(Hindi), B.Ed
Mail : vijayabedgujar85@yahoo.com

Mrs. Umasundari Pushpanjali

Designation : PRT
Qualification : DCCP. BBA
Mail : umasundari1980@gmail.com

Ms Leena Navinchandra Shah

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A(Eng)B.Ed,DSM,T.T.C,
Mail : shahleenanar07@gmail.com

Mrs Jyotsna Satish Pawar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc, ( Chemistry)DCM,B.Ed
Mail : pawarjyotasna51@gmail.com

Mrs Ragini Sandesh Survanshi

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A (Hindi)., B.P.Ed, M.T.T.C, L.T.C,
Mail : raginisurawanshi@gmail.com

Mrs Jayshree Gajanan Kulkarni

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A,(History)B.Ed
Mail : jayashrik71@gmail.com

Mr Sandip Bapuroa Ghate

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A(Hindi), B.Ed,
Mail : sandipghate555@gmail.com

Mrs Vaishali Raju Dhadge

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc (Maths)B.Ed,
Mail : raju.dhadge@gmail.com

Mrs Pranita Sameer Inamadar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A(History),B.Ed,
Mail : pranita.inamdar.pimpri@gmail.com

Mrs Sheetal Kamble

Designation : PRT
Qualification : H.Sc.ATD,CTC,G.D Art (Panting)
Mail : leaddesign87@gmail.com

Mrs Rupa Sunil Achari

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc ,B.Ed
Mail : rupasunil11@gmail.com

Mrs Bindu Krishna Nair

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com, B.A(Geo),B.Ed,
Mail : binduknair1981@gmail.com

Mrs Sushma Pralhad Sarode

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Sc(Chemistry),B.Ed
Mail : sushma.ekansh@gmail.com

Mrs. Vandana Vilasrao Shelke

Designation : Co-ordinator
Qualification : M.A. (Eng),B.Ed.
Mail : ghanwatvandana@gmail.com

Mrs Mayuri Jagdish Jadhav

Designation : PRT
Qualification : BCS(Comp), B.Ed,
Mail : mj18041990@gmail.com

Mrs Megha Manik Kale

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M. A(History), B.P.Ed
Mail : kalemeha01@gmail.com

Mrs Pushpalata Sawkar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc,M.Ed
Mail : sawkarpushpa@gmail.com

Mrs Sayali Gumaste

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com,B.Ed
Mail : sayaligumaste5@gmail.com

Mrs Rashmi Goel

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Sc ,B.Ed,
Mail : Rashmigupta589@gmail.com

Mrs Diksha Jagtap

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com, B.A (Classical Dance Kathak)
Mail : Diksha.Jagtap0922@gmail.com

Ms Chhaya Hande

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A,(Hindi),B.Ed,M.Phil
Mail : chhayahande16@gmail.com

Mrs Kranti Gaikwad

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A,B.Ed,
Mail : kranti5@gmail.com

Mrs Ranjana Deshmukh

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A(Hindi), B.Ed.
Mail : deshmukhrd15@gmail.com

Mr Pawar Omkar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com,Black Belt II Degree
Mail : vickypawar775@gmail.com

Mrs Savita Ragade

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A,B.Ed
Mail : savita.Ragade@gmail.com

Mrs Nancy Sachdeva

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A, B.Ed,
Mail : Nancy9962@gmail.com

Mrs Anjana Anand Kulkarni

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com,B.Ed,
Mail : anjanakulkarni@gmail.com

Mrs Isha Shrivastav

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Sc ,B.Ed,C.T.E.T
Mail : zoom2isha@gmail.com

Mrs Deepa Shirvastava

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.H.Sc, B.Ed
Mail : deepa.shrivastava3023@gmail.com

Mrs. Poonam Yadav

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A.B. Ed.
Mail : poonamy175@gmail.com

Mrs Sheetal Mohite

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A. B.Ed
Mail : Mohitean1@yahoo.co.in

Mrs Abha Chouray

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.E ,B.Ed,
Mail : abha.chourey@gmail.com

Mrs Archita Rhatol

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Com B.Ed (Pursuing)
Mail : archita.rhatol82@gmail.com

Mrs Shivani Sharma

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Sc,MCA,B.Ed
Mail : ssshivani@gmail.com

Mrs Shubangi patil

Designation : PRT
Qualification : MCA
Mail : patishubhangi997@gmail.com

Mrs Sheetal Jadhav

Designation : PRT
Qualification : BA.T.T.C.B.Ed.
Mail : sheetaljadhav7719900746@gmail.com

Mrs Antara Bhoomik

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A.B.Ed
Mail : antara.kgp@gmail.com

Mrs Shruti Krishsagar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.com Sangeet visharad
Mail :

Ms. Jayshree Humbare

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A,M.phil (Hindi), B.Ed
Mail : jaishreehumbare@gmail.com

Mrs. Shubhi Pandey

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A, B.Ed
Mail : Shubhipandey2011@gmail.com

Mrs Papia Das

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.A, B.Ed,
Mail : papiapramanik2708@.gmail.com

Mrs Prachi Raut

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Tech.(computer)
Mail : rout.prachi@gmail.com

Mrs. Shobha Iranna Bhusnure

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M. Com.B.Ed(pursuing)
Mail : Shobhaib@gmail.com

Mrs Bhishupriya

Designation : PRT
Qualification : B.Tech,B.Ed
Mail : Jena_bishnopriya@yahoo.Com.in

Mr Akash Parcha

Designation : PRT
Qualification : SSC,Diploma in Dance
Mail : Aakash.paracha@yahoo.in

Mrs Mona potdar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.A, B.ED
Mail : monapotdar1111@yahoo.com.in

Mrs Runjhun Sing Parihar

Designation : PRT
Qualification : M.Sc ,B.Ed
Mail : runjhun.parihar234@gmail.com


Mrs. Sonali Sinha
Designation: Principal
Qualification: B.Sc., TTC, GNIIT

Mrs. Nalini Laxman Nair

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.A (Pol.Sci) ,T.T.C
Mail : Nalininair666@gmail.com

Mrs. Priyanka Amit Deshmukh

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Com , T.T.C
Mail : jyonitad@gmail.com

Mrs. Zeenat Moinuddin Shaikh

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.A , E.C.E
Mail : gulzar.fintree@gmail.com

Mrs. Alka Mahesh Naidu

Designation : PPT
Qualification : Diploma in CP ,T.T.C
Mail : abali.naidu@gmail.com

Mrs. Jyoti Mukand Shendkar

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Com ,T.T.C
Mail : jyotishendkar79@gmail.com

Mrs. Varsha Chimaraya Dhasade

Designation : PPT
Qualification : Sy.B.Sc ,T.T.C
Mail : Varshadhasade@gmail.com

Mrs. Ashwini Prashant Phirke

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Com. ,ECCED
Mail : apfirke1974@gmail.com

Mrs. Reena Rabindranath Banerjee

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Sc.,M.S.W,T.T.C
Mail : reenabanerjee14@gmail.com

Mrs. Pratibha Dilip Kale

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.A (Pol) ,ECEC, B.Ed
Mail : PratibhadKale77@gmail.com

Mrs. Vijaya Dnyandev Bhagwat

Designation : PPT
Qualification : H.S.C , D.Ed
Mail : SunilPawar8237@gmail.com

Mrs. Smita Vishnu Jadhav

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.A , B.Ed
Mail : smita.jadhav8007@gmail.com

Mrs. Manisha Ramalal Choudhari

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.Sc, T.T.C
Mail : manisha.och3@gmail.com

Mrs. Gauri Prashant Raghuwanshi

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Sc, T.T.C
Mail : gauriraghuwanshi976@gmail.com

Mrs. Gaurika Agrwal

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Com. PG (Jour.)T T C
Mail : gaurika_agarwal@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Vaidehi Vinod Deshpande

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Com, M.B.A , T.T.C
Mail : Vaidehi1979@gmail.com

Mrs. Komal Randive

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.Com ECCED
Mail : komaluvranadive@gmail.com

Mrs. Ruby Mani Akhilesham

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.A (Jour), T.T.C
Mail : ruby.akhilesham@gmail.com

Mrs. Aparna Vitthaldas

Designation : PPT
Qualification : D.C.E, T.T.C
Mail : aparna.atharv@gmail.com

Mrs. Pallavi Khot

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Sc, MBA, PGDPTT
Mail : Pallavimagdum@gmail.com

Mrs. Deepa Jadhav

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.A, E.C.C.ED
Mail : dipa_jadhav12@yahoo.in

Mrs. Priya Prashant Borade

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.A.B.Ed, T.T.C
Mail : priyaborade24@gmail.com

Mrs. Uma Santoshkumar thamake

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Com, T.T.C
Mail : uthamake@gmail.com

Mrs. Shraddha Kiran Shetty

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.Com, T.T.C
Mail : Shradha.K.Shetty@gmail.com.

Mrs. Pooja S Banale

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.Com, T.T.C
Mail :

Mrs. Shreya Shivraj Bhosale

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Com, DTL, T.T.C
Mail : shivraj_b@yahoo.com

Mrs. Rekha Vijay Iyer

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.C.A,T.T.C
Mail :

Mrs. Tanushtree Roy

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.A.(Eng), T.T.C
Mail : roy.shree9@gmail.com

Mrs. Pratibha Golhar

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Sc, M.C.A, T.T.C
Mail : pratibha.golhar@gmail.com

Mrs. Sarika Pathak

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.Sc, E.C..C.Ed
Mail : saru.pathak09@gmail.com

Mrs. Pragati Birje

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Sc, E.C.C.Ed
Mail : pragati19@rediffmail.com

Mrs. Sana Shaikh

Designation : PPT
Qualification : B.Com,MBA,T.T.C
Mail : Sanashaikh1802@gmail.com

Mrs. Sunayana Rakshit

Designation : PPT
Qualification : M.Com, E.C.C.ED
Mail : sunayana.g143@gmail.com

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